Common objections to Christianity

With the many conversations I've had with people about Jesus, I have found there to be many objections to faith in Christ. There are common threads, though, that pop up in conversation that seem to arise because of hatred, suffering or denial of facts. I want to cover these three objections to Christ here: 1.…Read more Common objections to Christianity


What we used to preach

A while ago, say, 100 years ago, churches knew that their primary goal week in and week out was to exposit God's word and preach from the text what the authors originally intended. For example: JI Packer, one of the greatest theologians of our time, now aged 90, said this: "Underlying the preaching of the…Read more What we used to preach

Having kids will be like this…

Parenting brings with it a truckload of surprises, curveballs and disappointments, yet at the same time the rewards that we see as parents are before us every day. What is it really like having kids in a small town as a conservative Christian? Let me tell you: Everybody suddenly has the right to talk about…Read more Having kids will be like this…

The Good Samaritan – why do we get it wrong?

Reading ourselves into everything We have a habit, when reading the Bible, to try to be a superhero in the story. Whether it's being David slaying giants, being as faithful as Noah, being as brave as Daniel entering a den of lions, or being as strong as Nehemiah building a "big vision" for his people…Read more The Good Samaritan – why do we get it wrong?

My dream/purpose/desire is not what I’m doing right now

There is a growing trend amongst the evangelical landscape to promote, teach and exegete anything to do with our "God-given purpose." This popular teaching involves shouting at the congregation phrases such as, "now is the time!" "You are given a God given purpose in life, your dreams are planted in you and will give birth…Read more My dream/purpose/desire is not what I’m doing right now