What we used to preach

A while ago, say, 100 years ago, churches knew that their primary goal week in and week out was to exposit God's word and preach from the text what the authors originally intended. For example: JI Packer, one of the greatest theologians of our time, now aged 90, said this: "Underlying the preaching of the…Read more What we used to preach


The Good Samaritan – why do we get it wrong?

Reading ourselves into everything We have a habit, when reading the Bible, to try to be a superhero in the story. Whether it's being David slaying giants, being as faithful as Noah, being as brave as Daniel entering a den of lions, or being as strong as Nehemiah building a "big vision" for his people…Read more The Good Samaritan – why do we get it wrong?

Small church/megachurch

"Doing Church" There is a phrase that I've heard bandied about in charismatic circles that is used to describe the way the particular church operates in style/culture/dress/doctrine and aesthetics. It's the phrase used to described what a service looks and feels like every Sunday morning for the pew-sitter (or see through chair today...) This phrase…Read more Small church/megachurch