Small church/megachurch

"Doing Church" There is a phrase that I've heard bandied about in charismatic circles that is used to describe the way the particular church operates in style/culture/dress/doctrine and aesthetics. It's the phrase used to described what a service looks and feels like every Sunday morning for the pew-sitter (or see through chair today...) This phrase…Read more Small church/megachurch


What’s going on with modern worship?

Ever since the 1970's, Christian rock has had a large audience through praise bands in front of churches and in record stores (yes, physical record shops with actual music in them) through Maranatha! Music in California. Here is their history from their own website: "Maranatha! Music was founded in 1971 by Chuck Smith Sr. of…Read more What’s going on with modern worship?

As a Dad

I've been thinking about Fatherhood, and how it's not just a breezy job with feet up, drink in hand (coffee, for instance) and sitting back enjoying the yard. It's a hard life. But it has intense joys. I can remember holding my first son for the first time. It was a breathtaking moment. Something I'll…Read more As a Dad


  Yes, another big scary word used through church history to best describe church practices. It is the meaning of the how to bits of church that we see operating every service on a Sunday from the order of device to the way preachers conduct themselves to leadership structure and style with regard to elders…Read more Ecclesiology

New Calvinism

New Calvinism, also known as the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement, is a movement within conservative Evangelicalism that embraces the fundamentals of 16th century Calvinism while seeking to engage these historical doctrines with present day culture. This is a definition from searching google with the term "New Calvinism." A young person's church culture today can…Read more New Calvinism