There is such a sweet fellowship at church. It can come from no other place. The gathering together of the saints on Sundays is a sweet, beautiful event where people can talk about their struggles, joys, victories, witnessing encounters, home life, prayers, hopes and dreams. All because we have been united by Christ to God…Read more Fellowship



Acute/Chronic/Redemption Tonight I have acute back pain. I work in aged care so there are multitudes of ways I could have obtained pain in my lower back. But God is able to heal. I know this because He has healed people I know from illnesses, cancer, aches and pains. So I pray that He removes…Read more Pain

My dream/purpose/desire is not what I’m doing right now

There is a growing trend amongst the evangelical landscape to promote, teach and exegete anything to do with our "God-given purpose." This popular teaching involves shouting at the congregation phrases such as, "now is the time!" "You are given a God given purpose in life, your dreams are planted in you and will give birth…Read more My dream/purpose/desire is not what I’m doing right now