Why are we being punched in a corner?

Boxing gloves: One fighter with them, one without

I’ve decided to name this post “why are we being punched in a corner” because of the pugilist nature of the same-sex marriage proponents that permeates every backlash, article, argument and debate style of every single public supporter of same sex marriage in mainstream media. How does this work? Well, it begins by displaying a picture of someone defending man-woman marriage who clearly has their work cut out for them. They say something that they think is goofy and in need of a rebuttal, so they engage in ad hominem attacks on the supporter without hesitation. One such example was on today’s episode of “Studio 10” the progressive, liberal, hugely unfunny Australian news and entertainment  program directed at the morning daytime TV crowd who has to be woken up with a pod coffee machine, buys daytime TV products and pretends that they’re defending just causes by ranting on about the same things the TV is. But I digress..


Eric Abetz, Senate MP

The guest on the panel was a comedian named Joel Creasey, who is homosexual, and he was lamenting the fact that a liberal senator called Eric Abetz had stated, regarding those “coming out” :

“Ever thought why there is no celebration for those that decide to go from the homosexual to heterosexual lifestyle? Are they not honest? Are they not coming out as well? And that is just one of the examples of the one-way traffic and bias from the media.” News.com.au, “Eric Abetz wants people who switch from gay to straight to be ‘celebrated and honoured,”
viewed October 15th 2016 <http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/eric-abetz-wants-people-who-switch-from-gay-to-straight-to-be-celebrated-and-honoured/news-story/674e8313085c09845dc85c44fa499ed5&gt;.


Joel Creasey. Conveniently displaying the very attitude of the entire conversation I’ve just mentioned

This comment deserves some pausing thought. Why do we only celebrate homosexuals jumping out of their closet? Why isn’t there an equal coverage of stories of people redeemed from the sinful choice of a homosexual lifestyle into the heterosexual lifestyle? Why do we not write to the television executives about the plain bias against heterosexual marriage that they flippantly throw at us? Because it is the enemies (Satan’s) plan to rob everyone with a television of their right to think for themselves. The swamping and mass production of homosexuals in sitcoms, advertisements, movies, dramas, public sector and Hollywood scene has programmed the culture to believe that the tidal wave of homosexual lobbyists and their passionate followers is inevitable – we have to wear out and give in. And do it disgracefully by being maligned publicly by pro same-sex marriage activists. The man in the TV piece above didn’t rationally, systematically destroy the argument senator Abetz was making – he simply called him a “douche-bag” and “hateful” for “making young homosexual people commit suicide.” His radical claim that “people like you have blood on your hands,” was the tipping point for me. I have absolutely no doubts that the statistics regarding suicide rates for homosexuals have absolutely nothing to do with the defense of man-woman marriage, but are a result of the confusion, shame, guilt and outright torture of living with a sexual frustration that is impossible to control and comprehend fully without the converting power of the Holy Spirit and a conversion of the heart to desire good things given by God Himself. All sin is harmful, including any sexual sin, and these suicides are a result of the effects of such a sin as homosexuality playing havoc with the mind of the person who is struggling with that attraction.

His (Joel’s) line of argument was to rip apart the notion that gay marriage is even debatable, then lumped him (Eric) into the same category as a crazed lunatic who wants people to die, then insulted him personally. Wow. The integrity. What baffled me was that after this public, horrendous tirade the presenter sitting next to him, Jessica Rowe, managed to get some words in and stated, “you’re such a beautiful, passionate, wonderful human being. You really are.” And then cheering ensued. Cheering for slandering someone personally, using as hominem insults and bullying, then claiming that someone who simply defends man-woman marriage is “causing suicides” and has “blood on their hands.” And is an “idiot”… I’ve seen more intelligent arguments in the school yard over juice boxes than this.

My love for God’s beautiful natural design for marriage and my defense of it has been reduced down to a hate filled diatribe against homosexuals that makes them automatically want to end their lives. End of argument. And I’m called names in the meantime as a “hater” and “bigot” and someone who is hostile towards people without even being given the light of day to respond thoughtfully. But this is the age we live in, where anybody who is a Christian or has a position of conscience on an issue such as gay “marriage” can, without retribution, be labelled childish names by grown adults who are so passionate that they have forgotten grammar, politeness, rationality and the basic fundamentals of presenting a thesis for their position. Passion wins over rational thought any day apparently!

May we continue to defend God’s timeless, perfect ideal of man-woman marriage for life for the sanctity of raising children; children having both a Mum and a Dad, and the beautiful roles they both play in raising a healthy, strong, faithful child that has a well-balanced compassionate, enduring, secure, discerning and broad outlook on life through experiencing both male and female parenting in their fullest form.

Society literally depends on Christians speaking the truth.

In Christ



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