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animal pain

Tonight I have acute back pain. I work in aged care so there are multitudes of ways I could have obtained pain in my lower back. But God is able to heal. I know this because He has healed people I know from illnesses, cancer, aches and pains. So I pray that He removes the pain. He says we should ask Him for what we need according to His will, so I do. But I also know that God has not promised complete redemption of my body until that day when I’m in heaven. Or He calls me there with those who have repented and trusted in Jesus for salvation. This has been the healing thought of Christians for centuries, at least those with a robust understanding of God’s plan to redeem earth from its current cursed state, that will continue regardless of what any preacher, healer or charlatan may say in a pulpit.

God has always been involved in the affairs of man, but also sovereignly allowed difficulties, accidents, medical trauma and pain because of reasons we’ll never know until He reveals it when we meet Him again. One of the greatest scriptures on this issue is found in Romans 8:18

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. (ESV)


Though we may suffer in all manner of ways on earth emotionally, physically and perhaps through persecution and attacks as we’ve seen in Europe these past few months; take heart! God has overcome the world, and has prepared a place for us with no more suffering that is an eternal reward for trusting Him fully in this life. Nothing… absolutely nothing, whether famine, shame, fear, suffering, death or even any manner of evil that we experience on this earth can compare to the weight of glory coming when we get to heaven.

Pastors, teachers, Mums and Dad’s: preach this to your kids and congregations! Suffering will occur here, because earth is under a restrained curse held in effect by God for a momentary time. One day this earth will melt like wax, and a new heavens and earth will be in its place. This is our eternal hope! Jesus has overcome this evil age. His death, suffering and resurrection have overcome death and the grave.







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